UP 38


  • Language: English
  • Pages: 64
  • Size: US letter
  • Release date: April 2008

With UP 38 a whole new concept were introduced. It was a major change in the history of UP. A new format, new layout and a new concept for the content. Also, now the magazine were printed on a uncovered paper instead of a covered paper as before.


“Starting of with the major changes in the look. We go from A4 to US letter in size, we changed the cover completely and we have a new type of paper aswell as more pages, 64 instead of 48.
However the content of UP 38 is a blast. Interviews with Swedens finest PaintNutz and Spit, with Denmarks Clean and with Barcelonas subwayrats TSK.
We show you the lost photos taken by the notorious Falck guards who terrorized the Stockholm graffiti scene during the turn of the millenium. We teach you all about the Chicano handstyles from Los Angeles and we meet up with HFU, the most active crew in Gävle.
As that wasn’t enough, read about Erses classic wholecar, about what books to read during summer and how the AOD crew in Stockholm clashed with the guards from CSG. It’s an allnighter!”


Design: Martin Ander
Repro: Per Englund
Print: Printon, Estonia
Cover: Pnut in Stockholm, shot by Torkel Sjöstrand 2008.
Intorduction: “The beginning of a new era” by Torkel Sjöstrand
Articles: Focus TSK : “Tasty Skills on Barcelona Trains” by TS, Focus Spit: “You have to be strong” by Björn Almqvist, Focus Paintnutz: “Writer in Peace With a Passion” by TS, Focus Clean 2: “Clean colours to the people ” by Malcolm Jacobson, HFU interview: “A Tremour causing crew” by TS, The Outline with Que : “The piece is worth more than the sketch” by TBL, Top of the Line: “Look Out Crazy Erasers” by Jacob Kimvall, The Falck forgotten photos: “The X-files” by TS, O.G gang graffiti: “Drive by Shoooting” by TBL, *What’s up with that: “The unholy alliance” by TS, ”Uzi tests KRink”.
Photo: Stockholm walls, Swedish walls and trains, Getting up.


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