UP 44


  • Language: English
  • Pages: 64
  • Size: US letter
  • Release date: June 2011


“In this issue we’ve got Taps & Moses, we’ve traveled to Caracas – the capital of Venezuela, we’re focusing on Stockholm native Iron Mike, Gothenburgs Catwalk and TOP crew from the Czech capital Prague. We’re sketching with Ikaros, met up Finnish legend HIV and got the story of how half of Brisbanes entire train fleet was painted this spring. Jacob Kimvall is taking a closer look at Allen Boys by Lee Quinones, and of course we’ve got the roumors, the photos and everything else.”


Design: Martin Ander
Repro: Per Englund
Print: Printon, Estonia
Cover: Iron Mike shot by Torkel Sjöstrand, Stockholm, May 2011.
Introduction: “Competing for Space” by Torkel Sjöstrand
Articles: Focus Iron Mike: “You Can’t Cheat With Tags” by TS, Focus Top Crew: “On Top of Prague” by Tobias Barenthin Lindblad, Focus Catwalk: “At the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time” by Petter Hallén, Caracas report: “In the Streets of Caracas” by TBL, Interview Moses & Taps: “In the darkness of illegality” by TS, HIV interview: “That’s HIV – He’s Crazy!” by TBL,  The Outline with Ikaroz: “A sketch is definitive” by TBL, Top of the Line: “Allen Boys” by Jacob Kimvall, “A graphic account to the Brisbane flood chaos” by Eddsy.
Photo: Stockholm trains and walls, Swedish trains and walls, Getting up


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